Welcome to the The British Cardiovascular Industry Association (BCIA) website.

BCIA was founded in May 1997. Membership of the Association is available to the United Kingdom manufacturers and suppliers of cardiovascular equipment and pharmaceuticals to the National Health Service and private healthcare providers who are registered under the MDA and MCA.

There is one representative body for interventional cardiology in the UK, the British Cardiovascular Intervention Society (BCIS). The membership of BCIS consists primarily of cardiologists, from Professor to Junior level, and senior allied professionals. As a reciprocal body BCIA represents industry involved in promoting products to this specialist field.

One of BCIA's major objectives is to support educational, promotional, exhibition and other undertakings related to the Associations interests, such as the annual Advanced Angioplasty and the BCIS regional autumn meetings. BCIA also acts as a single voice of industry interfacing with bodies such as NHS Supplies, MDA regulatory, National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE). In addition BCIA serves as a conduit for requests for funding of proposed educational and research projects.

BCIA welcomes new members. As a member of BCIA you will have the opportunity to attend, exhibit and present at the Advanced Angioplasty International Conference and attend the BCIS Autumn meeting providing you with unique access to all key Interventional Cardiology personnel based in the UK. You will be represented at the BCIS Council by your voted delegate, and you will have the opportunity to express your views on issues relating to Government initiatives, purchasing authorities, BCIS and other interested parties, through the collective voice of the Association.